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November 7-10, 2024

Submissions for 2024 open on 1/8/24

Thank You to Our 2023 Sponsors 

The We Make Movies International Film Festival celebrates the Do-It-Yourself filmmaking aesthetic. Held in Hollywood (at The Broadwater - 6320 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038) every year, WMMINTL serves to highlight DIY filmmakers across the spectrum of the industry in every genre. From horror to drama, comedy to documentary, experimental and underground to video art and music videos, we salute filmmakers who embrace the true indie spirit by making quality art on their own terms. Based on the idea of "making the film that YOU want to see," this week-long festival provides networking and social events, industry panels, a showcase of shorts, features, series, and video art from around the world, live multi-media performances, and an awards ceremony. By bringing filmmakers of all ilks together, we strive to elevate artists and revitalize the industry that we want to be a part of. 


Our festival attracts not only brazen storytellers with a distinct point of view, but enterprising creatives who think outside of the box when it comes to the process of filmmaking. We applaud filmmakers who understand the importance of, and know how to wear the many hats required on a true indie production. We welcome seasoned professionals and veteran storytellers, emerging voices and new talents, and everything in between, but the filmmakers who challenge the way things have always been done by finding imaginative and unique solutions to common pre-production, production, and post-production problems are our heroes. If you are a filmmaker who takes chances and asserts your authenticity, we are interested in discovering and promoting you because you are the future of film and filmmaking. 

WMMINTL is a natural extension of We Make Movies, a film collective with a thriving worldwide community, a service hub for all pre-pro, production, and post-production needs, a practical alternative to film school, and a digital branding and marketing agency for businesses, organizations, and indie artists alike. WMM actively bolsters filmmakers by connecting them to a supportive community of like-minded artistic professionals and cost-efficient and dependable resources and educational tools, as well as providing an outlet for artistic expression, collaboration, and evaluation through our labs and international film festival. 

Our goal is to empower our fellow filmmakers, provide a custom experience tailored to the needs of each project, budget, and artist, and ultimately bridge the gap between the filmmaker and the business of film.


We Make Movies is breaking the mold by bypassing traditional gateways of access to the elusive industry at large. Through our Project Greenlight meets Shark Tank style film competition we granted three films $25,000 plus thousands more in post-production assistance, access to gear, production insurance, and marketing and development help along the way. And this is just the beginning!



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I was honestly really impressed with WMMINTL. I think what I enjoyed most was the quality of the films - there were quite a few great ones."


The films that were selected were truly stellar. Diverse, well-produced, unique, and meaningful. I was so impressed with the quality everyone brought to the table."


BeforeSHE GO.jpeg

One of my favorite festivals on the circuit. Incredible community, packed houses, great networking opportunities, image quality of films was great. WMMINTL Film Fest communication was the best I've experienced, which really makes you feel good about attending. Their love of film and filmmakers is palpable. They are super encouraging of helping you make your films with a community behind you, and that you should keep making films no matter what your budget. The focus is on storytelling - what moviemaking is all about - and not about being a celebrity. One of my favorite things about the festival is the variety of films. You never get bored. Each film stands alone and yet it all fits in. Great programming! The festival is definitely worth submitting to and attending."


The opportunity to bond with filmmakers from around the world, even during a pandemic, was the best part of WMMINTL Film Festival. The online interviews and conversations, and the laid back environment during the awards ceremony, they all made the experience very enjoyable, and collective, despite the circumstances."


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